About Us

Since 1975,

Since 1997 The Water Garden Co. (a division of Eddie’s Aquarium) has been designing and building water features in upstate New York. Our team, inspired by Ed Duncan Jr.  and his passion for construction and creativity, has the experience to complete every facet of the project including electric , gas installation, plantings and hardscapes such as patios and retaining walls. Our experience in maintaining aquarium water quality and managing algae is unique in the pond construction business.  This experience translates to a more efficient, low maintenance pond eco-system.  We offer trouble shooting, algae control, leak detection, and we will update and repair your broken water feature.   We offer a total service package from design to completion of construction and maintenance.  Let’s plan a site visit to discuss your space and the optimal positioning for a water feature to create your home oasis. 

Water Gardens- Water gardens bring soothing sounds and create a relaxing atmosphere with exotic plants and colorful blooms.  Our designs include top level filtration, aquatic plants, natural rock waterfalls, beautiful stonework and of course pond fish. Our Water Gardens are typically 2’ deep which will allow pond fish (excluding large koi) to winter over in the northeast.  The majority of municipalities do not require fencing for water gardens.

Koi Ponds are typically 4-5’ deep and include upgraded filtration to maintain crystal clear water.  At this depth, koi can winter over with the help of a bubbler and heater. Since plants are very helpful in maintaining water quality, we create integrated bog areas where plants grow and clean the water without being eaten by the koi.  Enjoy interacting with your friendly, colorful koi as you gather around the pond to relieve the stress of your day.   

Pond-less Water Features– include a beautiful waterfall/stream area that will cascade into a reservoir area that is built underground.  Pond-less water features are typically lower maintenance than a pond with fish.  Beautiful aquatic plants add another dimension to enhance your experience.  The addition of low voltage lighting will extend your viewing pleasure into the evening.

Pool Waterfalls– we use natural stone to create a stunning waterfall display that will cascade back into your pool and recirculate through the filtration system.  We review your existing pump’s ability to run the pool and the waterfall simultaneously, which may require a larger pump.  With automation many pumps can be operated through an app on your phone. Add LED lighting for a stunning evening display.

Pond & Lake Management– many natural ponds and lakes have become overrun with unwanted weeds and algae. Leaves and other debris, which have accumulated on the bottom, are the source of nutrients that feed algae and water weeds. Controlling nutrients is the key to cleaning up your pond. All ponds will benefit from bottom aeration and bio-augmentation which will break down the bottom layer of pond muck and begin to restore your pond. We also offer weed removal, installation of floating fountains and natural aquatic and terrestrial plantings to improve the environment. The addition of these “good” plants will enhance the beauty and aid in the removal of nutrients that feed algae and weeds.

Pond Maintenance– we offer several maintenance plans tailored to your needs. Some clients engage our services for spring opening/cleaning, Fall netting and pond closing. Many clients prefer our complete program that includes bi-weekly maintenance throughout the season. 

Plunge Pools– we are proud to have partnered with Soake Pools in providing a state-of-the-art system for your backyard pleasure. Plunge Pools are precast concrete pools with beautiful tiling, premium filtration, and complete automation.  Plunge Pools are heated, well insulated and can operate for 12 months of the year, including in the northeast.  Different sizes are available with many options including fully in-ground or semi above ground.   Our team will handle every phase of the installation including, excavation, electrical and plumbing.   Designs may include patios, water features and beautiful plantings to enhance your outdoor experience. 

Recreation Ponds– unlike a chlorinated or salt pool, recreation ponds create a natural lake-like environment for swimming.  We use aquatic plants and filtration to maintain water quality. Our designs  include beautiful aquatic plants, LED illuminated streams and waterfalls to enhance your swimming pleasure.  We can also take photos from this site as we use their equipment https://www.oase.com/en/outside/pond-construction/swim-pond.html