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Plunge Pools

Plunge pools combine the best of a pool and a hot tub. They are pre-cast and delivered to your property ready for quick installation —saving you time, money, and the messy on-site manufacturing of a traditional pool.

Our team will obtain permits, prep the site, and coordinate delivery, and installation. Then our creative dudes kick in to incorporate patios, plantings, stonework, water features, and more.

We are a one-stop shop. 

Our team includes licensed electricians, certified gas installers and concrete specialists. Pool kits that include top level filtration, heaters and accessories start at $39,000. plus, installation, stonework, and landscaping.

Special locking covers are available to retain heat and eliminate the need for fencing.

Once installed, Plunge Pools offer you year-round enjoyment. Plus their smaller size allows them to be more energy-efficient, use less water, require very few chemicals.