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Pond Maintenance & Management

We offer several maintenance plans tailored to your needs. Some clients engage our services for spring opening/cleaning, Fall netting and winter pond closing. Many clients prefer our complete program that includes bi-weekly maintenance throughout the season.

Why maintenance?

Just like in nature any natural ponds and lakes have become overrun with unwanted weeds and algae. Leaves and other debris, which have accumulated on the bottom, are the source of nutrients that feed algae and water weeds. Controlling nutrients is the key to cleaning up your pond. All ponds will benefit from bottom aeration and bio-augmentation which will break down the bottom layer of pond muck and begin to restore your pond. We also offer weed removal, installation of floating fountains and natural aquatic and terrestrial plantings to improve the environment. The addition of these “good” plants will enhance the beauty and aid in the removal of nutrients that feed algae and weeds.